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D.R. Machine Tools is the professional Steel Polishing Machine Manufacturer in India. Founded in 2010, and we have been producing and supplying tools and machines such as steel polishing machine, tube polishing, rod polishing, pipe polishing, pipe notching, polishing accessories, flat surface polishing, buffing polishing, mirror polishing and grinding process machines for years and have sold our products in over Pan India. Whether, you are a part-time or a professional, we guarantee satisfaction with our tools and support. Both proficient skills and professional equipments provide you high quality and great precision of metal processing for any gauges of stainless steel.

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Process of Stainless Steel Polishing

Since then the company has been manufacturing machines for a huge assortment of applications and increasing its product range, quality and technology. We are adopting a superfine polishing technology from different countries and specialize in design and manufacturing of steel polishing machine for such metals as iron, copper, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel and magnesium alloy, etc. We are fully devoted towards research and development of special molding abilities. With this it boasts huge applicable range of products, and helps promotion of polishing technology in India, with consistent quality, steady output and decrease in labor cost for users, so as to help the users to acquire more orders.

As we know that Stainless steel polishing and grinding are considered to be one of the most difficult projects. It is considered difficult due to stainless steel polishing requires a mirror-like finish devoid of even the slightest of scratches or pinholes. The polishing process frequently requires of 3 to 7 process of polishing depends on where you start from. Steel is an iron metal alloy containing other elements that typically include manganese, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, carbon and silicon. Stainless Steel contains a minimum of 50% iron. Some of these elements influence the hardness and formability of the steel, carbon and silicon, while others have an effect on corrosion resistant.

However, each project for stainless steel polishing and grinding is similar in that just a single tiny scratch exceeding the aforesaid grit size which cannot be endured. Further when the scratch is left out or unable to grind the surface sufficient at that grit, such scratches remain in post-processing and become irreversible.

Why it is considered that stainless steel is a difficult material to polish?

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Stainless Steel is also considered as an iron that contains chromium and nickel, which are resistant to rust, wear and corrosion. The component added and their ration in relation to one another determines the grades and characteristics of stainless steel. The component Cr is responsible for hardness and Ni or Mo enhances the anti-corrosion capacity. Due to this the process of Stainless Steel polishing is considered to be difficult. However, owed to these characteristics, stainless steel has added value that can be applied to various kinds of industries, therefore stainless steel polishing methods and abrasive have been developed to accommodate these special circumstances.

What kind of abrasive ensemble to stainless steel polishing and grinding?

For the stainless steel polishing and grinding, we are using some abrasive grains that work together well with this material, together with white alumina and green carbonite. There is some dispute between experts regarding which better-quality abrasive for stainless steel is polishing. We are observing these differences during the polishing process. The shape and ability are two different, but basically both the abrasive grains are in practical use. The abrasive grains that are sticky and have a high viscosity should be avoided for the usage of stainless steel polishing. These abrasive component is used to cut the surface in order achieve the fine surface. There are two major characteristics that make the stainless steel polishing and grinding difficult. They are Work Hardening and Passivity.

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Abrasive Used for Steel Polishing Machine

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We are involved in producing an abrasive that is specially suited to stainless steel polishing, steel polishing machine.The abrasive used consists of a resin-based bond and white alumina grain. These abrasive is called as RWA and which can be applied to both a CNC machine and a hand polishing machine.


We are offering an Alumina powder abrasive for final finishing. Achieving a mirror-like finish, we usually require a powder abrasive. When it follows the RWA process, Alumina finishing will make stainless steel surfaces shine. We are offering the RWA process which is especially important because this powder cannot remove large scratches.

Features of Stainless Steel Polishing Abrasive

High Cutting Power
High Elasticity
Easily Dressed
High Cutting Power

We have functional grains that have relatively high friability and bonds that can be self-sharpened. Owing to the reasons elaborated above, cutting within an assured time frame is the key factor for competent processing.

High Elasticity

Owed to its absorbent structure and resin composition, RWA has high flexibility and smoothness. When allowing for flange, soft and stretchy bond make this figure low. Stainless is a responsive material so if you have also much flange, it can simply develop into a scrape. To avoid this and to sustain the cutting power, we have accustomed our scratchy bond for stainless use.

Easily Dressed

It does not matter what kind of abrasive we are using, for polishing, at some point, we need to dress the surface of the abrasive since the loading. The tiny chips that have been cut from the surface will go inside between the grains and eventually, abrasive stone will begin to slip from the stainless surface.

Flourished Range of Stainless Steel Polishing Machine

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Polishing Machine
  • Steel Pipe Buffing Machine
  • Steel Pipe Grinding Machine
  • Steel Tube Grinding Machine
  • Steel Rod Grinding Machine
  • Mirror Polishing Machine
  • Flat Surface Pipe Grinding Machine Manufacturer
  • Flat Surface Mirror Polishing Machine
  • Flat Surface Polishing Machine Single Station
  • Flat Surface Polishing Machine Two Station
  • Flat Surface Polishing Machine Three Station
  • Fully Automatic Pipe Polishing Machine
  • Flat Surface Polishing Machine
  • Flat Surface Polishing Machine with Wheel Head
  • Pipe Notching Machine
  • Stainless Steel Tube Polishing Equipment
  • Round Tube Polishing Machine
  • Six Roller Station Pipe Polishing Machine
  • Automatic Pipe Notching
  • Roller Conveyor Polishing Machine for Pipe
  • Flat Surface Polishing Machine with Belt Head

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Some of the factors, which makes us one of the most trusted manufacturers include:


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