D.R. Machine Tools is measures to be one of the foremost Flat Surface Pipe Grinding Machine manufacturers. These machines are appropriate for satin finishing and deburring flat surfaces such as plates, sheets, tubes, sheet metal boxes, fairings etc. Further the working theory of Flat Surface Pipe Grinding Machine is with “centerless”. Our presented pipe processing is performed between two rubber wheels with reverse rotation. Our machines are appropriate for staining curved pipes and straight bars round section, elliptical, oval, conical and irregular. These pipe processing is performed by two abrasive belts that are mounted on a flywheel rotate around the pipe. These pipes when inserted into the machine do not rotate but are coarse belts to rotate around it.

Flat Surface Pipe Grinding Machine Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

These machines are largely used for producing smooth finish on flat surfaces. These are supplied Flat Surface Pipe Grinding Machines are with a machining wheel which cuts the chip from a work piece, to make it smooth. Flat surfaces and metal sheets can be subject to numerous special working processes like bending, drilling, welding, laser cutting and more. Any of those processes could produce imperfections on the surface that necessitate being uninvolved through machines operating with abrasive belts and brushes. We are offering the machines at the most reasonable price to our clients.

Features of Flat Surface Pipe Grinding Machine

Technical Specification of Flat Surface Pipe Grinding Machine


75mm (H) X 150mm (W)

Main Motor

3 H.P. / 5 H.P.

Gear Box Motor

1/2 H.P.

Polishing Wheel

250mm X 50mm X 31.75mm

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